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Let's Play, Promotional Animated Series is a free set of 10 shorts published on YouTube by WEBTOON. The series ran from September 2-12, 2019 as part of a promotion for the Let's Play Webtoon series.


Game developer, Sam Young, is excited to find that her favorite Viewtuber, Marshall Law, is going to do a live review of her first game Ruminate. Unfortunately, Marshall doesn't take the time to read the games instructions and fails to properly play it. Marshall gives Ruminate a bad review which prompts his fans to poorly rate Sam's developer profile on Indigineer, ultimately shutting her profile down; barring her from future job opportunities and uploading new games.

To make matters worse, Sam finds out that Marshall is her new neighbor.




Image # Link Release
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.1.jpg 1 September 2, 2019 YouTube
Sam Young excitedly waits as Viewtuber, Marshall Law, prepares to do a review of her first game, Ruminate. However, Marshall fails to understand the game and his fans retaliate by giving Ruminate bad reviews. The worst is yet to come when Sam finds out that Marshall is now her new neighbor.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.2.jpg 2 September 3, 2019 YouTube
Link Hudson and Dee Parker try to convince Sam to confront Marshall. Sam begins to doubt if Ruminate is actually a good game. Due to Marshall's loud recording, Sam accidentally breaks her laptop and leaves him a note.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.3.jpg 3 September 4, 2019 YouTube
Sam and Umed Patel work on a pitch for Indigineer. Link attempts to ask Sam on a date only for her to misunderstand. Sam finds a note from Marshall when she returns home.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.4.jpg 4 September 5, 2019 YouTube
Sam gathers her courage to confront Marshall only to find Monica McKenzie answering his door. Dee tells Sam that Link was trying to ask her out on a date, which causes an embarrassed Sam to melt.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.5.jpg 5 September 6, 2019 YouTube
Sam runs out of time during her pitch to her manager, Charles and has to reschedule. Marshall finds out that his fans ruined Sam's Indigineer profile with false bad reviews.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.6.jpg 6 September 7, 2019 YouTube
Marshall tries apologizing to Sam by giving her money and accidentally makes fun of Ruminate. Sam finally gets her laptop back from the repair shop.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.7.jpg 7 September 8, 2019 YouTube
Sam receives an envelope full of cash from Marshall and lands a Critical Hit giving it back to him. Sam tries to flirt with Link.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.8.jpg 8 September 9, 2019 YouTube
Sam has her long-awaited meeting with Charles. Marshall breaks his save file and begs for Sam's help.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.9.jpg 9 September 10, 2019 YouTube
Sam agrees to help Marshall in return for replaying Ruminate. Marshall agrees and Sam fixes his save file.
Let's Play Animated Series Ep.10.jpg 10 September 11, 2019 YouTube
Dee and Sam go shopping to spruce up Sam's wardrobe, and Sam works up the courage to ask Link out. Marshall replays Ruminate and gives Sam his honest review.