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Hello, I'm Ally.
I've been on the wiki scene since 2017, but I'm always up for learning something new. The best way to contact me is on Discord @ aoiferising#4777, or contact me on any of my wiki's!

My Wikis

A Silent Voice
Down To Earth
Kingdom Hearts
Let's Play
LINE Webtoon

Lovely Complex
Remarried Empress
That Wolf-Boy is Mine!
The Kiss Bet

I'm going to curse you and make you shrink 1cm every day. In 156 days, you'll vanish completely.Risa Koizumi


  • Finish character rewrites
  • Create character links on Young Technologies
  • Episode descriptions
  • Locations
    • Young Technologies
    • The Daily Grind
    • Franky Spazbear's Pizzeria (play on Freddy Frazbears Pizzeria from Five Nights at Freddy's)
    • Oliver Hospital
  • Indigineer
  • Games?
    • World of Warquest (World of Warcraft) + guilds (The Rare Spawns, Winter Moon "Gideon, Florence, Risa")
    • Ruminate
    • Evermake
    • Underwatch (Overwatch)
    • Fortnight (Fortnite)